Posted by: norapillard | October 4, 2009

What Water for Waslala means to me

Nora Pillard, vice president & director of communication

Nora Pillard, vice president & director of communication

I live in Philadelphia.  I am pursuing my PhD in Urban Education at Temple University.   So, why do I spend my free time working on issues related to clean drinking water in Waslala, Nicaragua?  That answer has two parts.

The first deals with a trip I took in 2002.  After college graduation, my graduation present was a ticket to head to Nicaragua with ten of my friends.  During that trip, I was lucky to build deep friendships with people living in Waslala.   Although at the time my interest was on topics of rural education, I quickly realized that is was impossible and foolish to ignore the other variables affecting students’ education in this context.  If students have no access to clean drinking water at school, how does this impact their education?

The second part of that answer deals with the impact of the water crisis that we are facing in this world.  This issue is not one that only affects a certain country or region.  This issue does not only affect the developing world.  This issue affects education, economics, health, gender equality, and many other aspects of life.  The world water crisis will affect all countries and all people.   We have the chance to do something about it.

The United Nations has declared the International Water Decade 2005-2015.  They have also included this issue in the Millennium Development Goals when they state, the target to “halve, by 2015, the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation” (Goal 7, Target 3).

Time Magazine presents a photo essay about the world water crisis that shows the importance of water in countries around the world.


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