Posted by: mattnespoli | November 3, 2009

New water system for the holidays

Next month, WfW will be funding a new water system in Waslala that should bring 125 new Waslalans the gift of clean water by Christmas time.

The 12th WfW system will be for a rural village called El Barillal #2. This village consists of 48 houses, of which roughly 24 houses and 125 people would benefit with tapstands installed in front of their houses. The village also has a primary school of 32 children, who will also benefit from clean water installed at school. Total system cost = $7,500 (including labor).

This past September, we hired a Waslalan consultant to survey all 48 houses in El Barillal #2. Here are some of the results, to shed some light on the people we are serving:

Average daily household income: $2.44
Average level of education: 2nd grade
Literacy rate: 68%
Percent of children under 3 who have had diarrhea in the last 3 months: 87%
Average time spent fetching water each day: 36 minutes


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