Posted by: brianstrassburger | November 13, 2009

The Villanova Student Group is at it again!

By Brian Strassburger, adviser to the Water for Waslala student group at Villanova University

The Water for Waslala Student Group at Villanova University has always been an important part of the organization’s outreach and fundraising.  Every year, the student group works to bring awareness of the international water crisis and the efforts of WfW to the students at Villanova University and people in the surrounding community.  They also host the organization’s biggest annual fundraiser every Spring: the Walk for Water!

This year the student group has had a great start behind the leadership of sophomore co-chairs Ellen Salmi and Chelsea Mackie.  The group meets once a month to hear updates from Waslala, plan events, and discuss issues facilitated by a guest speaker.  At the last meeting, Dr. Bridget Wadzuk from the Villanova College of Engineering gave a presentation on Latin American water rights.  Her expertise in the field provided for an enlightening presentation on an issue that is right at the core of Water for Waslala.

In the coming month, the student group will be staging a “Water Awareness Day” on Villanova’s campus.  There will be a series of activities throughout the day, along with visual reminders across campus of the reality of the international water crisis (buckets of dirty water, signs at drinking fountains and in bathrooms).  The staggering fact remains: over 1 billion people in this world lack access to clean water.  The student group is doing its part to make this reality better known, and motivate people to do something about it!


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