Posted by: justinknabb | December 6, 2009

Small, giant hearts

By Justin Knabb, Water for Waslala Treasurer

One of the greatest joys I receive from managing WfW’s finances come from the contributions we receive from our donors. Without our donors, we couldn’t buy supplies, we couldn’t erect tap stands, and thousands would continue to live without access to clean drinking water.

I cannot overstate how important our donors are to our efforts. Every dollar they donate, every person they share our mission with, and every step they take at our annual 5k fundraiser are giant leaps for mankind (hopefully Neil Armstrong would agree 🙂 No matter the scale of support, the support is still breathtaking. Thank you, donors, for keeping us marching forward.

I would like to share two specific donations that we’ve received recently. They’ve been among our smaller donations, but only in terms of dollars. These donations have served as tremendous inspirations for everyone on our board and reminders of why it’s worth fighting this important fight.

A few months ago, I received a check and letter from a school bus driver in Mendham, NJ. Having heard Brian Strassburger speak as an Augustinian Volunteer in 2007, the driver was moved by his stories from Waslala and the mission of our organization. Although the driver admitted he didn’t have much to give himself, he began combing his bus each day to collect dollars and change that students left behind. Putting what little money he had together with students’ loose change, he donated about $32 to WfW– enough to provide one Waslalan for water for a lifetime.

Letter from Canadian 10th grade class

And, just this week, I received a check and letter from a 10th grade student from Alberta, Canada. The letter moved me to tears; it was so sincere and thoughtful. Somehow, fortunately, young Selina found us online and encouraged her friends to raise a total of $329 for WfW. You can read her letter below for yourself.

Dear Water for Waslala,

My name is Selena. Recently, seven students from our grade 10 class had the opportunity to raise money for a country, cause, or organization that we believed in. A few years ago I had read a book that was a true story of a group of missionaries who went to Waslala, Nicaragua. After reading the book I had a passion to help this country and I knew this was a perfect opportunity to do it. It didn’t take long for everyone in my group to be sold on this country. We had one week to raise as much as we could to help. While we were researching, we found your website and knew this was how we were going to help. In that week, we did bake sales and bottle drives to raise a total of $329.06. Hopefully it’s enough to make a difference, even if it’s in a small way. Hope it helps.


Selena and her friends did make a difference, and they did it in a BIG way… enough to provide water for at least 13 people in Waslala! Thank you so much Selina!

And to all our donors, thank you for all you do for us. Every dollar really does count. And always remember that just $25 is all it takes to provide one person with clean water forever.


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