Posted by: norapillard | January 19, 2010

Cross-Disciplinary Work

By Nora Pillard, Vice President of Water for Waslala

Academic institutions are characterized by a focus on the different disciplines- engineering, business, arts and sciences. Water for Waslala presents a concrete example of the importance of cross-disciplinary work and our work with Villanova University demonstrates this possibility within the context of an academic institution. Our board of directors is composed of members who possess drastically different undergraduate academic backgrounds- economics, communication, Spanish, accounting, engineering and mathematics.

Villanova engineers and nurses gather with community members in Las Delicias

Our partnerships at Villanova  University along with our work with student organizations on campus  illustrate a similar variety of academic disciplines.

Our partnerships at Villanova University along with our work with student organizations on campus illustrate a similar variety of academic disciplines.

    College of Nursing: faculty and students provide public health training and workshops in Waslala
    College of Business: faculty and students seek economic opportunities in Waslala; student group, Business without Borders seeks ways to apply their business skills in the nonprofit sector
    Water for Waslala Student Group: led by a student leader from both the College of Engineering and the College of Arts & Sciences, the student group is composed of student volunteers from all four colleges of Villanova University (Engineering, Nursing, Business, and Arts & Sciences). The student group works to build awareness of the world water crisis on campus and initiate fundraising events on campus to raise money for WfW, including the annual Walk for Water.

In order to respond to any social problem, we all need to share our knowledge, work together, and apply all possible solutions and innovations instead of separating ourselves by disciplines as so often happens in the academe.


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