Posted by: meaghaninwaslala | January 19, 2010

Health Education Update

By Meaghan Gruber, Water for Waslala Field Manager in Waslala, Nicaragua

Virginia and I are working diligently to plan the health and environment education workshops that will be held in various communities starting early next year. The workshops will include education on hygiene, water treatment methods, and protection of our environment to ensure that there continues to be water in the future years. The plan is to begin with mini-workshops starting in January in all the communities that have a water system in close proximity and lead approximately four each year year.

School at Santa Maria Kubali – Site of our first workshop

We will be holding the first workshop each community’s school. The morning session will be with the children of the community discussing the importance of hygiene and caring for the environment.    The afternoon will be focused on the mothers of children in the community and their role in ensuring that their children take care of their bodies and teaching the right methods of bathing, washing hands, cutting their nails, etc.  We believe that working with children is very important as they are more easily influenced and open to new ideas and will hopefully discuss what they learn with their families.  We are also focusing on the mothers of the families so that the mothers and children can work together on maintaining their health and the water system.

We are also planning a larger week long health workshop that will be held in Waslala for any community that has a project or will be receiving a project.  Virginia and I will be hosting and presenting at this workshop, which will cover topics such as: environmental protection, health and hygiene,  water treatment, community organization, and record keeping of their maintenance funds.  I will be back in touch with the success of our first mini-workshop as well as pictures from the communities soon!


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