Posted by: meaghaninwaslala | February 19, 2010

If you want to promote peace, protect creation.

By Meaghan Gruber, Water for Waslala Field Manager in Waslala, Nicaragua

Si quieres promover la paz, protege la creación. If you want to promote peace, protect creation.

It is with this message that the Bishop Monseñor David, opened up a discussion on the environment and care of creation on a recent visit here to Waslala. The Bishop recalled the first time he stepped foot in Waslala back in 1975, and about the different trees and animals that existed at that time. He asked the youth in attendance if they had even heard of some of the animals he mentioned… none of them had.

The Bishop touched upon some difficult topics and posed some tough questions such as how the poor have fewer and fewer resources due to the destruction of the environment. He asked the audience, “In 60 years from now what is Waslala gong to be like? Are any trees going to be left? Will we breathing in car fumes? Will there be water? It is right before our eyes, the reality, and we are not caring for ourselves or our future.”

The Waslalan culture is not currently one of care for the environment and creation. It is completely normal and acceptable for everything and anything including aluminum cans and plastic bottles to food wrappers to be thrown out the bus window and onto the ground. Children also find it completely normal to kill birds with slingshots. Therefore, it is our responsibility to promote the importance of protecting the environment and all of creation with love. It is also our responsibility to promote investment in the future… just as we invest in education for a better future, we also need to invest in the environment to ensure that we will exist in the future.

To wrap things up the Bishop asked us to think about what truly are the most important things in life. Is it more important to have a fancy cell phone or fix a leaking roof? Is it important to have the latest dress and flashy jewelry or should we be spending our money on buying food to support our families? These are questions that need to be thought about and answered. With the right answers we can ensure a better future for our children and children’s children.

I enjoyed the bishop’s speech greatly and felt that it really ties in with our dedication to spreading environmental awareness through our workshops. I had the privilege of talking with Bishop one morning over breakfast, and he advised me to continue with this passion in order to reach a spiritual connection and better connect with the people.

With his words as inspiration, we are dedicated to move forward with our mission and work.


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