Posted by: waterforwaslala | February 21, 2010

VU Engineering Reflections from Waslala Part 2

The second in a series of reflections from past Villanova Engineering students and professors who have visited and been touched by the people of Waslala…


The best part of our Waslalan experience was the relationships we developed with members of the local communities.  We stayed overnight in a community called Las Delicias, where for the first time in my life I was miles away from any electricity. As the sun set beautifully over the mountains in the distance, our source of light went with it.  Yet with the clear skies, the moon and the stars lit up the ground.  It was the brightest and most beautiful night I’d ever witnessed, but the true beauty of the experience was the friendship that I developed with a Waslalan man named Carlos.

Beneath the stars, Carlos and I talked and laughed for hours.  He told me about his family, friends, and the community. He spoke with an inspiring passion about his life and land.  He loved everything about his life and wouldn’t change it for the world.  He told me about the time when he lived in the city and hated it because he lost the natural beauty of his community.  Sitting there listening and staring up at the stars, I could truly understand why.  He talked about how he loves to sing when he’s planting and growing beans and how his family teases him for singing and dancing around the house. After our conversation that night, we had truly become friends and I was inspired by how much he loved and appreciated everything that he had.

The next day Carlos accompanied us on our hike back to Waslala.  We took turns singing songs as we traveled through the beautiful countryside, while also talking and laughing throughout our journey. When we arrived at our vehicle, we hugged and said goodbye. It felt strange and a bit sad, like something was being taken away from me that I didn’t want to let go.  But then again, when I take the time to look back on this experience, I’m so thankful for having the chance to develop a friendship with such an amazing person.  Carlos touched my life, and I’ll always remember and cherish our friendship.


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