Posted by: waterforwaslala | March 15, 2010

VU Engineering Reflections from Waslala Part 3

The third in a series of reflections from past Villanova Engineering students and professors who have visited and been touched by the people of Waslala……

Global Solidarity

The most amazing part of this experience was sharing the feeling of global solidarity.  I will never forget when we were in San Benito, a small community outside of the town of Waslala. While we were surveying a water source it turned time to say the Lord’s Prayer which was being done in coordination with other Villanova mission groups around the world.  While on top of the water source we formed a circle and held hands, as if we were blessing the source. I couldn’t help but get the feeling that it was us being blessed by the water.  Father Anelio, our local partner in Waslala, told us each to say the Lord’s Prayer in our own language.

A Tapstand in San Benito

It was one of the most unique experiences, because we had four different languages being spoken in such a remote area (Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese).  The emotions I had during this prayer were overwhelming.  During that evening in San Benito, community members, Villanovans, two girls form Italy, and a Portuguese priest all sat in a circle and sang songs until far past sunset.  We shared our native songs with each other and stopped a few times to pray aloud, each in our own language.  I will never forget how peaceful this night was and how beautiful it was to view stars without the interference of lights.


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