Posted by: waterforwaslala | March 22, 2010

New Multimedia-Rich WfW Website!

By Megan Leitch, Director of Marketing/Public Relations

We are excited to announce the new WfW multimedia-rich web site complete with high-quality videos and photos of our work in Waslala. The site helps to tell the story of Water for Waslala and about the inspiring lives of our beneficiaries. Learn about our mission, the board, volunteers, and the people who make WfW possible. Interested in learning how WfW uses your donations? Visit our financial page for the latest information.

Water for Waslala has worked with the Waslalan people to construct eleven water systems serving over 3,000 people throughout the region. Tour the communities we’ve served using Google Maps or read the stories of several beneficiaries impacted by our systems.

The new Water for Waslala website

Leave us comments to let us know what you think and don’t forget to sign up or donate in support of our Walk for Water fundraiser on April 11. We need your support to continue our work in Waslala!


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