Posted by: mattnespoli | March 25, 2010

The Joy of Cold Calls and Emails

By Matt Nespoli, Founder and President of Water for Waslala

As I look back over the last six years as the Director of Water for Waslala, I can honestly say that my favorite memories are those involving the heartfelt cold calls and emails I received from new supporters who wanted to help us succeed. Two such correspondences occurred this week that I want to share.

First, I received a phone call from a Villanova freshman who had just heard about WfW from a friend on campus. She went to the new WfW website, watched the “WfW in Six Minutes” video, and was moved to action. She called a local pizza shop near campus and set up a charity fundraiser, then sent a moving email to her family and friends. She called me and told me the story, which left me re-inspired by the power of our work.

An excerpt from her email:

In my short time at Villanova I’ve caught the “philanthropy bug.” Literally everyone I know is committed to multiple volunteer organizations, and I know several students who give up one or more of their college breaks to go on service trips.

I honestly feel like “something’s missing” if I haven’t helped out on campus for a while. Which is exactly how I felt after I got back from my relaxing Spring Break.

I learned about an upcoming event called “Walk for Water“, hosted by Villanova’s NPO “Water for Waslala,” which works to end the water crisis in Waslala, Nicaragua. I watched the VIDEO and was taken aback. I thought, this time I’m going to go the extra mile. Not only will I attend the event, but I’ll promote it, recruit my entire sorority to attend, and reach out to surrounding businesses in the Villanova area for sponsorships. I thought, I’ll make it “my project” for the next month (and beyond!) to promote this cause.

I understand that there are countless causes that you may already contribute toward. Even if you don’t donate, I urge you to watch this VIDEO, which illuminates the cause. After watching the videos and reading about Water for Waslala, my eyes were opened to a reality that is happening worlds away from my “college bubble.” It’s humbling to be reminded every once and a while of realities such as this, and I’m motivated to do what I can to contribute. It puts other worries to shame to think that there is a community stripped from something as simple as CLEAN DRINKING WATER.

Another cold email was sent this week by a student at Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA. She had learned about WfW and was motivated to single-handedly organize a separate “Walk for Water” at her college. She’s planning on having the event coincide with her township’s spring festival to draw in community supporters as well as her college peers, and she’s already begun planning the logistics and outreach activities. Her email made my day on Monday.

In addition to the real, positive change we’re making in Waslala, getting reminders of the impacts we’re making on individual lives in the US makes our tireless efforts all worthwhile.


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