Posted by: waterforwaslala | April 12, 2010

How much time does it take to run WfW?

By Matt Nespoli, President & Founder of Water for Waslala

Many people ask me how many hours I spend each week running WfW, and most people are surprised at the answer: roughly 15-20 hours per week.

What most people naturally don’t realize is that running WfW is about much more than just raising money, which is in and of itself a major challenge. But to me, that challenge pales in comparison to managing our work in Waslala – selecting viable, sustainable water projects, conducting household needs assessments, designing and building the water systems correctly, collecting monthly fees from Waslalan beneficiaries, measuring health and educational impacts, and so on.

The plain and simple reality is this: managing an international development project – even one as focused and straightforward as WfW – is an enormous challenge. And 15-20 hours of my time each week, along with similar time commitments of our other volunteer staff, is barely enough to keep it all running smoothly.


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