Posted by: waterforwaslala | May 25, 2010

The People

The seventh and final in a series of reflections from past Villanova Engineering students and professors who have visited and been touched by the people of Waslala…

One thing I will never forget about Waslala is …THE PEOPLE!! Realizing that this might sound a little cliché, it is important to reiterate the impact that everyone involved in this project has had on me personally. During this trip, we met so many different people from so many different places and with so many different perspectives on life. Every single person was so special in their own way and, it was uniquely apparent given the context of the project. From the man who took us back and forth to San Beneto, to the little kid who carried my backpack which was almost bigger than him; each person seemed to have an amplified impact on my experience. There were the Health and School Workers who took notes and so attentively participated in our Education Sessions, and kids at the local High School who were so excited to meet us. There were the Community Members who welcomed us into their homes and a group of children who invited us to play a game of “high-pop” baseball in the backyard of the Community center. Finally, there were our local partners who were so dedicated to the community of Waslala and the Priests who so graciously hosted us. I am certain that they will never know the true impact that they have had on my life and I can only hope that I have made a fraction of a difference in theirs!


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