Posted by: meaghaninwaslala | June 21, 2010

El Varillal #2: A New Project!

Meaghan and Jordan talk with Moises, a local engineer.

Meaghan and Jordan talk with Moises, a local engineer.

We recently contracted a local engineer, Moises, to complete designs for our next project in El Varillal #2.  We hope that by having a local engineer complete the designs, our construction worker has someone here on the ground to consult with about any questions that may arise.  Last month, we finished signing contracts with the families of children in the school and all beneficiary houses in order to ensure that there is an established community fund.  Now we are moving into the process of construction.

The construction of the system may appear somewhat simple, but it gets a bit complicated with the corn planting season … then the rice planting season… and then the rains.  During planting seasons it is very difficult for farmers to take time away from their fields to help with water system construction.  Some weeks this has meant that farmers spend half the week working on the construction of the water system and half the week in their fields.  With the help of Virginia, we are helping to organize the community so that there is a work schedule to be followed during the construction process.  We are coming to a close with the planting season so construction from here on out should go more smoothly. We hope to achieve both our goals and those of the community in a culturally sensitive, yet timely manner.

This water system will benefit four houses, the church, the community kitchen, and the school.  The school, which is first through sixth grade, is composed of one teacher and thirty-six children.

Enjoy the pictures of the intake portion of the new project in El Varillal #2!  We will have lots of pictures on the way of community members working on their new water system over the next few weeks.

El Varrial #2: Intake

El Varillal #2: Intake



  1. Moises Was my teacher in 2002

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