Posted by: meaghaninwaslala | July 6, 2010

Nothing is easy here in Waslala!

We delivered the materials for the next water system – in El Varillal 2 – last Sunday. It was quite an adventure! As you may have discovered through our blogs, your experience here, or your imagination… almost everything here is an adventure!

We travelled to El Varillal 2 to deliver pipes, cement, re-bar, and many accessories to start up the construction of our next system. The day before I was scheduled to travel to El Varillal with the second truck from the hardware store, the first truck left to drop off the first load of supplies. Due to the rough road conditions (and very narrow road!) the first truck went off road into a ditch – almost turning over onto its side! The next day when we arrived in the second truck, we met the helpers that stayed with the truck overnight and helped rebuild the road. Hours and hours later part of the road was rebuilt – which required the cutting down of a tree to provide a stable surface for the truck to later pass on. The second truck then pulled the first truck out of the ditch – the two trucks then passed our newly created road – and we were finally off to make both deliveries!

Enjoy the pictures!

Truck stuck in the road with our truck right behind it.

Ox carrying wood to reconstruct the road

Reconstructing the road


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