Posted by: meaghaninwaslala | July 12, 2010

Construction is moving along…

Despite continued delays with the heavy rains found in the area during this time of year, construction en EL Varillal #2 is going well.

The intake part of the system is almost complete.  As you can see in the pictures, the intake is filled with rocks, sand, and gravel to ensure thorough filtration of the water before it arrives at the tapstands and homes in El Varillal #2.  Although the water is coming directly from a fresh mountain spring, we built this filtration system to ensure that nothing besides clear, pure water is provided for the community.

And how do all those rocks make it up to the mountain spring?  The springs are often located at a much higher altitude than the community in the middle of an untouched area of forest.  The spring for El Varillal #2 is beautiful… but hard to access ….especially hard when we need to haul rocks up the side of the mountain.  This job is done by horses and oxen.  Each horse can carry two rocks at a time – or two bags of gravel at a time as seen in one of the photos…. And the system requires hundreds of rocks.  The community was bringing up rocks with an ox and cart, which allowed for a few more to be brought up at a time – but with the torrential rains, the area is so muddy that it is dangerous and impossible to get the cart up to the spring.

In addition to the men in the community, there have been a few women and youth helping out with the project. This is really exciting for us to see since men are often the only ones involved in projects that require physical strength.  The women and youth seem especially excited about the water system.  They realize the benefits that this project brings to their community and the youth and are excited that they will be able to ensure better health for their children.

Enjoy these pictures of the community in El Varillal #2 as they work to finish the intake portion of the tank.  Over the next few weeks we will be working on digging trenches and building the storage tank.

The oxen carry rocks to the spring

Construction on the intake

Community members bring rocks to the spring

The Intake


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