Posted by: meaghaninwaslala | August 24, 2010

Update on El Varillal 2: Successful inspection!

Although the rains continue to hit us hard, progress is being made on the system in El Varillal 2 – tubes are being laid and glued, the storage tank is almost completed, and we are moving our way closer to the river crossing that is found just before we reach the school and chapel.

At the end of July, one Saturday I took a trip by motorcycle to El Varillal 2 with Moises Olivas, the engineer for this project.  Although Denis is building the system, Moises and I want to check in often to answer questions and make sure that everything is being built to design.

Moises inspects the tank with Denis

It was a hot day and El Varillal was silent – except for the occasional animal sounds and the wind moving through the recently planted rice.   After arriving to the community and greeting a little baby and his mother in one of the beneficiary houses we hiked up to the mountain spring to look at the intake with Moises’s eyes – and he was thoroughly impressed!  Denis has done a great job on this system and we hope that due to constant presence in the community and our communication with Moises our systems continue to be built to our highest standards.

After looking at the spring intake and the process of construction of the storage tank we walked along the pipe-line to discuss where to put the anchors for the river crossing.  Denis commented that he was happy we made the trip out with our engineer because he found he could ask lots of questions and get them answered – he felt supported and he learned much from our visit.

Our visit ended as do all visits to communities… with a large plate of food (fresh, thick corn tortillas and a baby corn soup and caujada, a salty cheese) … and much laughing, joking, and conversation.

Enjoy the photos we took of our visit.


Starting construction on the pila



  1. It is wonderful to see the progress on this project! I am amazed by the length of time to travel and accomplish tasks that other places might be very fast. This is not a criticism, just an observation. For example, the truck delivery of materials and rebuilding a road! I am proud of you visiting other organizations! What a great way to learn! Keep up the great work and keep loving the people all along the way!

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