Posted by: brianstrassburger | September 10, 2010

Great start to the Villanova Student Group!

The end of the summer always means the start of another year for the WfW Student Group at Villanova University.  As the advisor to the group, I always enjoy meeting with the student leaders as the academic year begins: there’s such an excitement for the great things that lay ahead!

Documentary Viewing for Water Awareness Day (2009)

We participated in the Activities Fair at the start of the semester where we had the opportunity to introduce a lot of new students to Water for Waslala and solicit their involvement (or just grab their email addresses!).

The first meeting of the student group was this Tuesday.  With over 50 people in attendance, the student group is off to a great start!  Justin Knabb, from the WfW Board of Directors, came to the meeting to introduce everyone to the work of Water for Waslala (see his earlier post for what he spoke about).  There is a lot in store for this coming year, including the second annual Water Awareness Day (Nov. 10) and the seventh annual Walk for Water (April 3). So stay tuned!


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