Posted by: studentgroup | November 16, 2010

Water Awareness Day 2010 in a Nutshell

Our second-annual Water Awareness Day at Villanova University was another success! For two years now, we have brought awareness of the World Water Crisis (for one day at least!) to the near-10,000 people that cross through Villanova’s campus each day. We hope that this day of awareness will ultimately inspire others to join our movement to bring this basic human right to people in Waslala and beyond.

Carrying pond water over from Dundale Hall

Carrying pond water over from Dundale Hall

On the eve of Water Awareness Day, many dedicated members of Water for Waslala’s student group came to help prep for the big day. We distributed informative fliers across campus and made colorful signs that displayed facts about the World Water Crisis, as well as the situation in Waslala. The next morning, some core team members placed signs around campus. Like last year, the signs were also placed next to buckets of dirty–and quite smelly–pond water to help bring home the reality of conditions in developing countries like Nicaragua.

In addition to the dirty water and signs around campus, we transformed the Oreo– our campus’ main hub– into a center for water awareness. We held a campaign to write letters to Representative Jim Gerlach, urging him to help pass the Water for World Act. Many students stopped by and, in total, we signed over 230 letters!  While at the Oreo, students also bought t-shirts and water bottles to support Water for Waslala.

Water Awareness Day HQ at the Oreo

Water Awareness Day HQ at the Oreo

Also, we once again set up a “Solidarity Tank” of potable water at the Oreo. To help simulate the daily life of a rural Waslalan, we urged students to take the Solidarity Tank pledge, vowing to fulfill all their water needs–from brushing teeth, to washing hands, to general drinking– for the day from this common water source. Just like millions of people living in developing countries have to get their water from one main source, so did we. Over 100 people signed the pledge! It was a powerful statement seeing students brushing their teeth at the Oreo and filling up their water bottles throughout the day.

To conclude the day, we showed “Summit on the Summit,” an MTV documentary about a group of celebrities who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness about the Global Water Crisis. About 40 people came to the viewing.

All in all, it was a very successful day and we’re thrilled to know we made so many new people aware of the World Water Crisis. Living in the U.S., it is easy to take our clean water for granted, so hopefully we have helped show others a taste of everyday challenges that people face in developing countries. And hopefully many who walked through Villanova that day will also be motivated to join us in trying to solve this water crisis in Waslala.

Sign near Falvey Hall


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