Posted by: justinknabb | December 9, 2010

Slideshow from 1st “Virtual Brownbag” Conference Call

Young girl at El Varillal's central tapstand

Young girl at El Varillal's central tapstand

Good afternoon and thanks to everyone who called in last night to participate in our first ever “Virtual Brownbag” Conference Call. We really appreciate your interest and support.

It was exciting to put on a virtual presentation for those who called in, but what’s also pretty cool is that we can share our slideshow as well with all our supporters who could not be part of the call.  Check out the slideshow below– there are a lot of brand new pictures of the El Varillal system that was completed in October 2010, as well as some photos from El Guabo and Yaro Central– two communities that are planning construction of WfW-funded systems in 2011.

We are so proud of this work and are proud to share it with you.  Please stay tuned to our blog over the coming week or two– we plan to post a white paper that will provide the transcript (alongside these slides) from Meag Gruber and Dave Rounce’s moving talks.


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