Posted by: mattnespoli | March 21, 2011

Water for… Singapore and China?

Needless to say, among MIT Sloan’s class of 2012 cohort, I’m the “non-traditional” student who’s interested in water issues, not the traditional careers like banking and management consulting that most students flock towards. This manifested itself pretty clearly during the fall semester – as many of my classmates came to school in suits everyday, prepared for interviews with Barclays Capital or McKinsey, I was dressed in sweaters and khakis and preparing for meetings with MIT engineering professors specializing in water. Luckily for me, I’ve been able to find other kindred spirits among my classmates.

One of the things I’m most excited about at MIT is our school’s growing commitment to the water sector. In May of 2010, MIT President Susan Hockfield spoke at the school’s first water conference and empowered the faculty and student body to find solutions to the growing water crisis worldwide.

One of the initiatives I have been working very hard on is a “study tour,” which is the combination of a class and a two-week action-learning trip. Four Sloanies and I have teamed up to create MIT Sloan’s first water study tour, which we embarked on just last week. For the class component of the course, we are studying the issue of water scarcity in large metropolitan areas and looking at potential solutions, such as public-private partnerships, desalination and water re-use technologies, conservation and pricing strategies, and alternative water system designs.

During our two-week trip, we are meeting with public and private sector leaders in the water space in Singapore, Chengdu and Beijing, China. In total, there will be 27 MIT Sloan students taking the class and trip, and we will be meeting with over 30 companies and organizations during our time in Asia. MIT approved the study tour back in October and awarded us $15,000 for implementation.

I’m very much looking forward to building on my knowledge of the water sector and making this issue the focus of my full-time career. More to come as the semester progresses!


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