Posted by: brianstrassburger | March 23, 2011

Middle School students fetch water for World Water Day

Less than two weeks away from the 7th annual Walk for Water, yesterday’s recognition as “World Water Day” cameWalk for Water 2007 with great timing.  The water crisis that affects so many people in Waslala is a global problem.  As residents of the United States, it can be difficult to conceptualize the reality of living without access to clean water.  In our lives, water is something we take for granted: of course I will have clean water in my sink, of course I will have clean water in my kitchen, etc.  Here’s a great article about some Middle School students in North Carolina who had a practical experience of fetching and purifying water, in honor of World Water Day.

This story is reminiscent of the “Solidarity Tank” that the Water for Waslala Student Group institutes at Water Awareness Day every Fall.  Participants pledge to service all their daily water needs from the “Solidarity Tank,” located in the center of campus.  It offers a reality check of the time and effort it can take to fetch water from a distant water source.  Hopefully activities like these, and the upcoming Walk for Water can help increase our awareness of the global water crisis, so that World Water Day stretches beyond its 24 hours of attention.

Water Awareness Day 2010


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