Posted by: iainjhunt | April 12, 2011

Radio Waslala Special: World Water Day

Your’re listening to 106.3, Radio Waslala…

As readers of the Water for Waslala know from Jerica’s recent post, March 22nd was recognized as World Water Day. Here in Waslala, the Parish celebrated the occasion by inviting Virginia and me to host its morning show, La Voz de La Inmaculada on Radio Waslala, the station that the Parish partly operates. Readers of this blog might also know that radio is one of our primarily means of communicating with the rural communities where we work, since these communities typically don’t have cell-phone service, or often even roads serviced by public transportation to allow messages to be couriered.

Virginia and I used the opportunity to remind listeners of how their communities can solicit a project from La Pastoral del Agua and to emphasize the importance of well-organized and active community water committees and their associated maintenance funds. We also hyped up a water committees’ training workshop we have planned for April, in which representatives from communities with existing and like future water systems will participate. To keep the “world” in “World Water Day”, we also discussed briefly on a global scale, from the United Nation’s declaration last year of clean water and sanitation as a human right, to water scarcity, contamination, and deforestation, issues important to the struggle for clean water here in Waslala.

Virginia in the studio

…for La Voz de La Inmaculada on Radio Waslala, this is Iain Hunt, signing off.



  1. Goooooooooood Mornin’ WASALA!

    • Correction: WASLALA!

  2. Wow viva mi waslala y su radio

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