Posted by: iainjhunt | May 6, 2011

El Guabo Update: Dig, Glue, Fill, Repeat.

By Iain Hunt, Waslala Project Manager

Hard, persistent work done quietly often doesn’t make the news. I think this is why I’m having to do some head scratching to think of exciting and glamorous updates on the El Guabo project to share with Water for Waslala’s supporters. It may not be hitting the front page of the New York Times (not yet at least), but quite simply, this important progress on the ground takes time, it takes effort, it takes sweat, and plenty of patience.

For nearly the last two months our schedule has gone something like this…

At the crack of dawn each day, a committed group of 10-12 individuals returns to dig 60-80 additional meters of trench for the underground pipeline.  They glue together the same length in PVC piping, lay them in the trench, and then fill up the trench. We dig, glue, fill, and repeat. Before construction, the El Guabo water committee established a weekly work schedule to ensure that all beneficiaries are equal contributors. I could say that the work teams are like a well-oiled machine, but it’s more organic than that.

Anyway, I think the following photos do a better job at telling the story:

Waslala dig


Waslala El Guabo system construction


Waslala El Guabo system construction


Waslala water system construction

... Repeat!

Waslala water system construction

Installing a respirator

Waslala water system construction

Preparing to build a column for a suspended stream crossing



  1. That’s one organic looking place, Iain. Keep it up!

  2. […] completed construction on our biggest water system to date in El Guabo, […]

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