Posted by: mattnespoli | May 18, 2011

A Tuesday Afternoon with Demaris, Clean Water, and Cheles

By Matt Nespoli, WfW Founder and President

In June 2009, I traveled with four other talented friends of mine to Waslala for two weeks. We spent our time meeting and interviewing families who now have clean drinking water at home thanks to Water for Waslala. Armed with video and DSLR cameras in hand, our goal was to document what life was like for these families now that clean water is finally part of their daily lives.

One of my favorite moments from the trip was captured by these three beautiful photos from Eric Ian and his crystal-clear 50mm Nikon lens:

Our team strolled up to Demaris Berrera’s house one Tuesday afternoon in June. Demaris was reclined on a rocking chair on her porch, with her youngest in hand and her 2-year old son not far away. We set up our video camera and filmed a short interview with her while she remained in her rocking chair, then we asked if she could show us the new tapstand in her front yard.

The first picture above shows Demaris and her two children in front of the tapstand, with her home up the hill in the background. I love this picture for two reasons: one, her children both look healthy and are missing those big parasite-ridden bellies so prevalent throughout Waslala; two, Demaris’ facial expression belies a contentment and happiness that I hope is driven at least partly by our efforts to help her family.

This second picture was taken just below the first, and features her two-year-old child filling up his glass with water from the tapstand built six months prior to our visit.

Demeris' two-year-old son drinking from the family tapstand.

This picture moves me because, besides the fact that he is absolutely adorable, Demaris’ son is drinking water that looks wonderfully clear. This looks like a product Aquafina or Dasani would be happy to sell! I’m thrilled that our efforts to protect the natural springs we use from contamination has led to these crystal-clear results.

Finally, this third picture shows an intimate moment with Demaris and her newest member of the family. If we can create these types of moments for the thousands of families that still go without clean water in Waslala – camera rolling or not – we’ve done our job.



  1. The child’s picture with the pink plastic glass of clean water makes me so thirsty that I need to drink too on this 95 degree day in Chicago. How lucky am I to just open the fridge door a few steps away and pour a glass from the pitcher of cold water!! And how fortunate are these people that Water for Waslala is striving to bring them simple, clean water, not even refrigerated but maybe cool from the mountain springs? Thanx for the pix and blog, Matt.

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