Posted by: norapillard | January 15, 2012

Philadelphia Global Water Initiative: Working together

By Nora Reynolds
VP and Director of Communications

We have been lucky to recently join efforts with the Philadelphia Global Water Initiative (PGWI).  A bit about PGWI, from their website:

The Philadelphia Global Water Initiative (PGWI) is a group of interested organizations and individuals committed to helping to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals for water/sanitation throughout the world. It includes among its members the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Water Department, Water for People, Aqua America, Pennoni Associates, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Uhl, Baron, Rana and Associates, the United Nations Association – Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Meta Quality of Life Improvement Foundation, Traveling Mercies, Keiyo Soy Ministries, the Delaware River Basin Commission, and Rotary District 7450. 

In August, fellow board member Jerica Youngken and I attended our first PGWI meeting where we introduced Water for Waslala and met representatives from numerous Philadelphia-based organizations that are working on issues and projects related to water. Recently, PGWI published their annual report: Philadelphia Heroes in the Global Fight for Clean Water and Sanitation. It is inspiring to read about so many organizations in the Philadelphia area who are working to ensure access to clean drinking water and sanitation around the world. Water for Waslala is featured on pages 28-29 of the report.

We look forward to working with PGWI in the future. Stay tuned for more details about our involvement in their annual conference, Measures of Success: Performance Indicators for Drinking Water Projects in the Developing World, in April, 2012 at the University of Pennsylvania.



  1. The 5th PGWI conference on performance indicators was a huge success!

    The 5-year report can be seen here:

    Other blogs and updates from the conference can be seen here:

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