Posted by: justinknabb | February 8, 2012

Presenting our first Annual Report

By Justin Knabb, Director of Development

It is with great pleasure that I present our first ever Annual Report… hot off the press!  To download a copy to your computer, tablet, etc, you can click here.

Since Water for Waslala started almost 8 years ago, we’ve focused the bulk of our efforts on the most critical work at hand– the construction of cost-effective, sustainable water systems for the people of Waslala.  That important cause remains our focus, of course, but this year we’ve resolved to step up the ways we bring this remarkable place — Waslala — into the lives of our donors and support base.

We feel that an Annual Report filled with hi-res photos, key stats, and narratives would be an ideal way to do just that.

Our report can give you a better sense of the complexity of this development work.  It’s so much more than simply digging trenches for PVC pipe.  Our work also involves community organization, health and hygiene workshops, reforestation initiatives, and many technical partnerships (just to name a few).  Our work is ever evolving; in this report we tell you about the household filter pilot project we launched recently to bring clean water to the most remote areas of Waslala.  In our report, we provide some background on our leadership team, our story, our financial position and much more.

Special thanks to Matt Nespoli, WfW’s Founder and Executive Director, and Avi Loewenstein, WfW’s Director of Corporate Governance, for the many long hours they put into creating this report.  And thanks to our many other board members and contributors for helping to make this report a reality.

We hope you enjoy reading through it as much as our team takes pride in serving the wonderful people of Waslala, Nicaragua.


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