Posted by: justinknabb | February 22, 2012

Walk for Water 2012 approaching soon

Holy Ghost Prep Supporters

Our long-time supporters from Holy Ghost Preparatory School at the Walk for Water 2011

By Justin Knabb, Director of Development

It’s only 2 months until our 8th annual Walk for Water! What are you waiting for… REGISTER HERE!

I’ll let the Walk website speak for itself (in other words, I won’t re-write the Walk details on this post), but just want to take a moment to share my own excitement for this event.  I’ve made 6 out of 7 Walks for Water, and each year holds a special place in my memory.  It’s incredibly moving to stand side-by-side with hundreds of other people for one morning each year to help support this community of people that seek clean drinking water.

3,647 miles stand between Villanova, PA and Waslala, Nicaragua, but at our Walks for Water, that distance almost fades away from consciousness.  After all, distance is but a mere numerical description marking how far apart objects are (thanks Wikipedia for the definition).  A Walk for Water is instead, a matter of the heart, of generosity, of solidarity, of prayer, and of concern for our fellow man.  Thousands of people have come out to our Walks for the last 7 years because their minds and hearts have also bridged that distance.

And on April 22, 2012, the communities of Villanova and Waslala will unite in spirit again.  With our financial resources (whether it’s $25 we give or $2,500), we unite with the people of Waslala.  In our efforts to recruit friends and family, we unite with the people of Waslala.  And with our own participation, we unite with the people of Waslala.  We walk because we believe in our fundamental right to basic human needs.  And we walk because we have an opportunity to truly restore that fundamental right in a very real way to an actual community.

The Walk is a day where you can make a big difference.  You simply can’t miss it.




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