Posted by: waterforwaslala | August 21, 2012

Starting construction on a new water system in Yaro Central

Hi everyone, my name is Chelsea Mackie and I’m a recent Villanova engineering grad who is volunteering in Waslala for several months. I visited Waslala with other engineering students three times while at Villanova, and after the first time… I was hooked. After being here for several weeks helping out with WfW projects I can say that I love my new home and am truly excited to be here.

One of the projects that is currently underway is a new system in the community of Yaro. I finished Spanish classes just in time to return to Waslala to witness the building of WfW’s second ferrocement tank. I thought the best way to highlight the week for everyone would be to show some pictures that I took.

The first thing to note about Yaro is that it is quite a journey from Waslala. Three hours in a public truck that I could never get used to, no matter how many times I went. Transportation became an even bigger challenge for us during construction because of all the rain we had. On our first trip home from Yaro after constructing the tank floor our truck couldn’t make it up the hill. Thankfully, the next truck was able to, and pulled the pickup truck that one of our friends was in out of the mud as well. We were able to go home with them and avoid the more frightening alternative.

Not only did the rain make transportation a nightmare, but pouring the floor of the tank was a struggle as well. After a decent amount of concrete had been put down, it started to pour. We had a tarp ready to cover the work site, but it wasn’t enough. A small river started flowing over the freshly poured concrete. Thankfully, with the help of some dry cement, everyone came together to finish the work after the rain stopped.

The rest of the tank construction went smoothly in comparison to our transportation and weather problems at the start. Despite all the challenges one faces while living here, I was incredibly excited to witness this construction and can’t wait to get involved with more projects in the months to come.

The pictures below provide a peak into the construction process…

Fist you need an area to put your tank

Then you install the plumbing

Then you pour the floor

Which gets wet from TONS of rain

Then you run into your friends who are stuck in the mud

And your truck can’t get up the hill

Then you go back the next week to add a tarp

And concrete on the inside

And then the outside

This was my “shower” for the week (I use water and a pan to shower in my house too)

Our home away from home in Yaro Central

With a gorgeous view

Me in the tank!

Add a roof

And don’t forget the radio for entertainment while you work everyday

More concrete

And there you have it!!



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