Posted by: norapillard | September 5, 2012

Searching for a new Waslala project manager!

By Nora Pillard Reynolds, VP & Director of Communication

Water for Waslala has been so lucky to work with Iain Hunt in the role of Project Manager in Waslala for the past year and a half. In this relatively short time Iain has…

… pushed us, as an organization, in new directions,

introduced innovative solutions (built our first ferrocement tank!),

completed construction on our biggest water system to date in El Guabo,

started construction on a new water system in Yaro Central (currently underway),

initiated reforestation efforts,

built strong relationships with our staff and partners in Waslala (see this post for a great example of Iain’s focus on relationships),

initiated ties with other water NGOs working in Nicaragua (blog post to come about recent meetings),

served as a mentor for undergraduate engineering students,

successfully facilitated our transition to work with ADIS (local NGO in Waslala),

made me (personally) think about our work in different ways,

and so much more that I cannot even begin to do justice in this blog post!

Have no fear…Iain is not going anywhere (yet)! Iain will continue working with us in Waslala until at least next May, but we are starting the search for a new project manager NOW. It is crucial that WfW can continue the work that Iain has underway and for a smooth transition we think it is vitally important to have substantial overlap time in Waslala with Iain and a new project manager. We are excited to continue moving forward with our work and incorporate another perspective with a new project manager. Please keep this opportunity in mind if you know anyone who might be interested…or might know someone …etc.

For more information take a look at the job description or contact me at Thanks!



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