Posted by: justinknabb | March 22, 2013

Top 10 Ways You Can Celebrate World Water Day

By Justin Knabb, Water for Waslala Board Member

Today is World Water Day– a day to celebrate the gift of water in our lives and, most importantly, to draw attention to the importance of clean water for public health.

Water for Waslala clean waterYou should circle this special day on your calendar each year. This international day of recognition has been held on this day since 1992, when it was launched at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. Each year since, the UN has chosen different themes that highlight the wide range of ways that water impacts our lives.

Take this one day out of your year to reflect for a moment on how important water is in your daily life. Encourage your friends on Facebook to think about water today too. Let’s stop to think about how water refreshes us, how water keeps us healthy, and how water truly is a foundation for life on this earth. Water is a foundation of our lives… it is a foundation of your life.

Yet nearly 800 million people on earth live without access to clean water. Tens of thousands in Waslala, Nicaragua— the specific region that Water for Waslala supports– live without access to clean water.

Let’s reflect and focus on water TODAY… and consider helping us help others to have the gift of water EVERY DAY.

Here are 10 specific ways that you can learn about water, better save water, and ACT to help others gain access to clean water today.

1. Check out the United Nations website about World Water Day. I linked to some of the UN pages above, but it’s definitely worth mentioning again. The UN site is very well-done–it’s informative, filled with excellent and reputable facts, and the UN deserves tremendous praise for drawing focus to the important issues relating to water.

2. Know your facts about the World Water Crisis. The infographics at are sobering and straight-forward, but really put the crisis into perspective.

3. Understand the relationship between sanitation and water. As easy as it can be to take clean drinking water for granted in the United States, it’s also easy to take for granted the bathrooms and sanitary water that we utilize several times each and every day.  It’s not as simple for people living in impoverished, underdeveloped regions. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focuses heavily on this issue. Sanitation affects close to a billion people spanning from Waslala to Nairobi to New Delhi.

4. Watch a water documentary. Do a search for “water” on your Netflix or Amazon Instant Video this weekend. Here are some excellent and highly-acclaimed films worth watching:

  • FLOW– this documentary dives into the hot-topic political and environmental issues intertwined with the World Water Crisis. 
  • Tapped– impossible to walk away without forming opinions on the role and impact of bottled water in our world and in our own lives.
  • Blue Gold: World Water Wars– as with the other films, you’ll get a heavy dose of politics here.  But certainly the water crisis is real… very real. Watch and form your own opinion(s)!
  • Or do you have just 6-7 minutes instead of 2 hours? Then learn all about our Water for Waslala charity HERE.

5. Read our Annual Report. Take a few minutes and learn about the great strides that Water for Waslala has made this past year and the past 9 years. We continue to improve upon our traditional gravity-fed water systems that have provided clean drinking water to 2,500 people strong (to-date). Last year we first implemented ferrocement technology to better fortify and control the cost of our systems. And this year we’ll be distributing ceramic filters to individual homes for the first time.

Boy in Waslala6. Check out some other technologies that are helping people around the globe. Water for Waslala implements technology that meet Waslala community goal and budget, but it’s interesting and encouraging to look at other inventions that are being utilized in different regions around the world. Lifestraw, SteriPEN, MidomoLifesaver Bottle, and Lifesaver Jerrycan are a handful of amazing innovations that are all helping to improve public health.

7. Take steps to save water in your home. offers 50 potential ways to be a better water consumer.

8. Pledge to limit your access to water for a day. You’ll quickly realize how water is such a key part of each and every day. Follow the lead of Villanova University students, who pick a day each year to host “Water Awareness Day” on the college campus.  
Participating students commit to servicing all their water needs from just ONE source… much like the people living in Waslala and millions more around the world. Limit your own water needs for a day and internalize just how precious and valuable a clean water access point really is!

9. Like us on Facebook and help promote us. The easiest step yet to make a difference. Just a 2 step process… click HERE, and then hit the LIKE button. Join our community and help us raise the awareness and funds to truly help people live healthier lives.

10. Now that you’re a member of our community (welcome aboard), help Water for Waslala any way you can. One simple, concrete and FUN way is to participate in our upcoming Walk for Water at Villanova University on April 14. Sign up here, recruit a team, or if you can’t make it, donate or sponsor our event. Walk to help change the world, one faucet at a time.

Happy World Water Day!





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