Posted by: dawnmepstein | May 20, 2013

Why we focus on schools

Girls fetching dirty waterChildren in the San Vincente Dipina community of Waslala are tasked with carrying buckets of dirty water from the local stream to their homes. This water will probably make them sick but they have no other options.

Once they get to school they have to leave class to walk to the stream for something to drink. Instead many kids go the whole day without any water.

They are often sick. They are always thirsty.

Together, we can change this reality for these children.

Why We Focus on Schools

Every water project Water for Waslala builds includes a faucet at the local school. We know children need clean water to thrive. Water is essential for a child to grow properly. By providing access to clean water we are reducing illnesses like diarrhea, lowering child mortality, and reversing the chronic dehydration that keeps these children tired, run down and unable to realize their potential.

Waslalan school children

When they have access to clean water, kids can spend their time at school learning. They are better able to focus and participate. They grow as they are supposed to.  They have time and energy to play. As we’ve seen in other communities with access to safe water at schools—once they have clean water, children thrive! You can help us make this happen in San Vincente Dipina too.


Clean Water is on the Way

Girl uses faucet at schoolWhen the people of San Vincente Dipina county came to Water for Waslala and applied for a water system we realized it made the most sense to add them to a system that was already planned for three other counties in the area. When the full Dipina system is complete it will supply clean water to 4 schools, 58 houses, and a total of 370 people, including the children in San Vincente Dipina.

Because the majority of the work has already been done we only need to raise $7,000 to include San Vincente Dipina. If you would like to hep us reach this goal, please click here to make a donation.


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