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Hiring for Growth

Our Team in Waslala

Iain Hunt with two of our other full-time staff members in Waslala: Virginia Leiba and Denis Taleno

One of the most exciting aspects of our big push to 2030 and our ambitious plans for 2013 is the hiring of new staff to execute our bold vision. We have been busting at our seams to grow and now is the time to make that happen!

Iain Hunt

Iain Hunt – Outgoing Project Manager

As you have heard, Iain Hunt’s role with WfW is changing. After two and a half years of working with our partners in the Villanova School of Engineering, he has decided to return to the U.S. and pursue a Master’s in Sustainable Engineering at Villanova. This next step will allow him to grow professionally, and push his thinking around our work in Waslala. He will continue to stay involved with Water for Waslala through the Board of Directors and visits to Waslala through ourpartnership with Villanova. Iain has been an invaluable resource to WfW so far and we look forward to his continued involvement with our work!

Because of our rapid growth — and a testament to just how many hats he was wearing — we are replacing Iain in Waslala with three people! Our Board of Directors and staff have been very busy interviewing and evaluating some really amazing candidates and the future is looking bright.

Water System Technician – Junior Martinez

13.06.25 Blog - Picture- Junior Martinez

Junior Martinez – Water System Technician

The first step was to hire a new Water System Technician, which we announced in March. Junior Martinez is a native Nicaraguan who graduated from the Agua Para la Vida technical school and worked for Agua Para la Vida building water systems in the Siuna and Rio Blanco regions of Nicaragua. He has also worked on a United Nations project in Rio Coco, Nicaragua.

Junior has been working on the ground with our team since April and already making great contributions designing water systems and overseeing construction within the communities.

Program Development and Strategic Communications Manager – Joshua Dulle

Joshua Dulle

Joshua Dulle – Program Development and Strategic Communications Manager

Next, we hired Joshua Dulle to fill the newly created roll of Program Development and Strategic Communications Manager (PDSC). In this role Joshua will focus on:

  • Facilitating regular communication between our work in Nicaragua and our team in the U.S.
  • Communicating the human impacts of our work with our donors and supporters.
  • Staying up-to-date on best practices, new ideas, and innovations coming out of the WASH sector and our peer organizations

That is not a small feat and we are confident that Joshua will hit the ground running. Since graduating from New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service in 2012, Josh has been working in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with Global Brigades as the Community Research and Evaluation Program Lead. He gained valuable experience working in the field with local communities, collecting and analyzing data, evaluating project effectiveness, and reporting on progress to organization leaders and donors. We are very excited to have Joshua join our team full-time at the end of the summer.

Coordinator – Junior Gasparini


Junior Gasparini – Coordinator

Finally, we hired a Coordinator to keep everything running smoothly. The Coordinator’s job will be a busy one—and one that is critical to successfully meeting our goal. We are excited to welcome (back) Junior Gasparini to our team as our new Coordinator. Junior will be responsible for developing and implementing the WfW strategic plan. He will be defining goals, as well as creating and monitoring our health, hygiene, fund management, and water system maintenance programs…among many, many other things!

Originally from Brazil, Junior moved to Waslala in 2005 as part of a two-year volunteer program through the Parish in Waslala (our former local partner). He ended up staying in Waslala and supported WfW in a volunteer capacity from 2005- 2008. Even after we hired our first full time project manager, Junior continued to accompany our projects and team when we needed support or advice. We are thrilled that he is now available to join us in a full time capacity and feel confident that his presence on the team will ensure a smooth transition and bring new ideas to the table to push us forward.

Overall, this is such an exciting time for Water for Waslala! We set an ambitious goal to fulfill our mission by 2030 and have taken the necessary first steps over the last few months to make sure we get there. We hope you join us in celebrating Iain, Junior, Joshua, and Junior! The future is looking bright for the people of Waslala!


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