About Water for Waslala

Water for Waslala (WfW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the water crisis in the poor region of Waslala, Nicaragua.

WfW was founded in 2004 by Villanova graduates, after several life-changing immersion trips during their undergraduate years. Over the last five years, WfW has provided over 3,000 Waslalans with the clean drinking water they deserve.

Waslala is a poor community in central Nicaragua consisting of 85 rural communities and 45,000 people. It was ignored by the brutal Somoza dictatorship from 1933-1980, and was a major battlefield during the Contra war of the 1980s, which destroyed any infrastructure present in the region.

Today, over 40,000 Waslalans lack a potable water system, causing needless suffering and death every year from preventable waterborne diseases. 

This blog is intended to share the stories of Waslala from the people who live there, to the people whose lives have been touched by Waslala or Water for Waslala.

Enjoy the blog and please leave comments!



  1. Dear Joanna Bowen:

    First of all, I want to congratulate you and the rest of the members of the NGO Water for Waslala staff for all the support, work and efforts you have made in the pursuit of bettering the lives of the people of Waslala by providing them with the possibility of having access to fresh water. And more than congratulate, I want to thank you all for your solidarity and concern towards a community in our country showing a great amount of philanthropy in your actions.

    My name is Francisco García and I live in a community near La Fonseca in the South Atlantic Autonomous Region, RASS. Since ever, our community has confronted problems with access to fresh and clean water. But the heavy and continuous rains of the past months have worsened the situation. Today, the natural water supplies are more contaminated than ever rising waterborne diseases at levels never seen before, being our children the most affected. This problem has reached a point of unsustainability. That’s why a group of friends and members of the community had agreed in looking forward for a solution conceding this matter a top priority.

    In a preliminary analysis we found out two major set backs. First, we haven´t got the knowledge required to design a project that in the shortest time possible and with a minimum cost, could fulfill our goal. Second, although we are a community of hard working families, we are a community of low incomes. Because oh this, we cannot afford the funding of a major project to cope with our water problem and we have failed to obtain resources from governmental institutions. We could not even drove attention to us in the past election campaign. Now we are hopeless of receiving any kind of assistance or resources.

    Just yesterday a visiting cousin of a friend of mine who lives in the city of Waslala told us about your project in communities near that site. We looked for that project in the internet learning about your NGO. When we read about the things you were doing in Waslala a light of hope illuminated us.
    Now I´m writing to you with great expectations that some how, based on your experience, you could help or assist us in starting a similar project in our community. We would like to receive recommendations, ideas, ways of doing, basics or anything that could help us in the designing of a project to give our community the possibility of having access to clean and potable water which will improve health and quality of life as you well put in your blog.

    I´m writing to your blog because it was the only way I found to get in touch with someone I believe has the knowledge and heart to provide us with some support in achieving our goal. I hope, with the help of god, to hear from you soon. This is my e-mail: garcia.paquin@yahoo.es which I´ll be opening everyday looking for that ray of light that you represent. Thank you very much.

    Truly yours,
    Francisco Garcia.

    PS: I send you this message some days ago but i heve not receive any answer. Maybe because I needed the subsceiption you did not received it. If you get to read this letter, please get in toch this way.

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